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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Mar 31, 2022

Michael Stein, interviewed on the Jordan Baylor Draft Podcast - Bonus Episode

Mar 30, 2022

How to achieve all your dreams with success master, author, coach, entrepreneur, and film producer Dr. Greg Reid

Dr. Greg Reid has published, co-authored, and been featured in over 100 books in 45 countries. He has had 28 bestsellers, including Three Feet From Gold, and his most recent title, Wealth Made Easy. 

Greg is...

Mar 28, 2022

How to Start Your path to influence, income, and impact with James Whittaker

James has worked with people in 20+ countries to:
» Generate 7-figures in new business revenue
» Launch #1 podcasts in multiple countries / categories 
» Confirm 5-figure sponsorship deals for their business
» Win Emmy Awards
» Publish #1...

Mar 25, 2022

How to get inner and outer success and live longer with the creator of The VEEP Nutrition System Joel Greene

He had his 10,000 hours already in before your guru ever began. 


In the 1970’s he was interval training 

In 1979 he was doing olympic lifts 3 hours every night.

In the 80’s he began studying...

Mar 23, 2022

Finding Himself and Becoming a Leading Fashion Photographer with Rob Woodcox

Rob Woodcox is a fine art and fashion photographer and film director currently living between Mexico and the US. As he creates each artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads of reality, memory, and dream. ...