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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Sep 6, 2021

Jolie Downs is on a mission to inspire people to go after their dreams and live their best, most fulfilling life regardless of what age or stage they are currently in. Jolie is a Partner and Executive Recruiter with Paradigm Staffing, a recruiting firm specializing in the public relations, marketing, and communications space. She has spent the past 20+ years working with thousands of executives as they move up the corporate ranks. Jolie is also the Podcast Host of the Fresh Blood Podcast, Killing It After 40, where she talks with people over the age of 40, who are thriving, about what it takes to have a successful and fulfilling life. A creator at the core, Jolie is also the co-owner of two other small businesses and is currently in the development of a prototype for the patent she created.