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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Jul 25, 2022

A possible recovery solution with Sean Entin and Dr. David Silverman

Sean Entin:

Sean has had a life that many would call successful: at just 21years old he was already on the cover of the Business Section of the Los Angeles Times and was participating in USC’s entrepreneurship program.

He has produced 3 released films and other content, and has also worked with Los Angeles Center Studios.

When the stock market crashed in 2008, Sean accepted an offer to become a managing partner of Greenhouse Holdings, which focused on financing sustainable residential housing. He and his other partners soon expanded the company into the commercial and military sectors.

During this time, Sean was also mentoring Navy Seals transitioning from military to civilian life in the business world.

Suddenly, in November 2011, all of these accomplishments no longer mattered.

At age 39, Sean suffered a stroke from a massive blood clot in his carotid artery. He was induced into a coma for 10 days and had to undergo several surgeries. Doctors predicted he would never speak, walk, or live a normal life again.

I can, I shall, I will.

This mantra helped him through the most difficult times in his life.

Even with this diagnosis, Sean displayed unwavering strength and spent his next years rehabilitating his soul and body—overcoming the mental barrier of “why me?”—proving to himself and everyone else that he had a purpose in life, that he was chosen for a reason, and that he had the motivation to keep going for even more.

After many years of carefully following all kinds of recommendations and advice in order to regain his independence and having failed and succeeded with many of those treatments, Sean now knew what worked and what didn’t… He had finally managed to hack his stroke.

He was now a different person, full of understanding, compassion, humility, and an example of inspiration in times of trouble. His life had changed. He was starting over… with many more obstacles, but with a motivation bigger than himself: to help others.

Thus, the Stroke Hacker Community was born.

Many people were inspired by his story, and those who went through a similar journey reached out to him for help and advice.

Now, those who have suffered from brain injuries have a place where they can share their stories, their accomplishments, and their own tips for improving their overall health and wellness.

Guided by Sean, they have discovered their sense of purpose and hope and are getting closer and closer to their recoveries, their independence, and everything they dream of getting back.

Dr. David Silverman: 

I have a purpose-driven, home-based & international business, fueled by an exquisite & patented health breakthrough through which I help people live (and thrive and earn) to their full potential.

Dr. Silverman began investigating ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement. Soon he was sharing it with family and friends.

He says that the secret to success with this business is developing personal belief in four things: The product, the company, network marketing, and yourself. “If you can’t believe in any one of these four areas, it’s going to be much harder for you to win at this. If you’re weak in any of these aspects, you’ve got to work on your own belief first, before you can expect someone else to believe in what you’re sharing with them.”

One way to grow stronger in all these areas, according to Dr. Silverman, is to attend a corporate convention. “You’ll meet other people and hear their stories,” he says. “You’ll meet the founders and see what good men they are. You’ll really start to understand the company as a whole and see the big picture and the vision.”

Beyond that, Dr. Silverman has the following daily suggestions for associates. “First, work on your own self-motivation,” he says. “Be coachable. Be a genuinely nice person. Understand upfront that you will need a lot of patience because success won’t happen overnight. If you are consistent with your commitment and you listen to your upline and you work hard, then no matter how long it takes, you’ll get there. You’ll reach your goals and change lives, starting with your own.”