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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Jul 26, 2023

The former narc/cop is currently the Host of a TV Show called Primal Divide. Resides in Iowa, and grew up in KY. An entrepreneur at heart, currently owns 3 businesses. Sold a few in the past.


After fifteen years in law enforcement, including a couple of stints as an undercover narcotics agent, John Mulligan retired to the whitetail hunter's paradise of Iowa. He's been hiding out in fields and tree stands ever since, always armed with a compound bow and camera. John's a grinder who's built an impressive resume since leaving the police force, working as a marketing director, photographer, Under Armour Athlete, and host of his own web series, Primal Divide. Archery isn't a post-retirement hobby for John, it's a passion he's had since his youth in Kentucky. His determination and talent have turned that passion into a second career. It's also earned him more time in the woods, and that's what he's really chasing.