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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Jul 27, 2022

How to become disruption proof and empower yourself and other with New York Times best selling author Brant Cooper

Endless Disruption

COVID-19, supply chain collapse, climate change, ransomware attacks—our world is filled with uncertainty brought on by increased complexity and endless disruption.

Global interconnectedness, computers in our pockets, information moving at the speed of light means change is continuous and happens on the edge—outside in the real world—versus around tables in the boardroom.

But the way we structure and manage our institutions—business, education, government—is  based on the assembly line era of the Industrial Age.

We need a new way forward.

Gone are the days of hierarchical, command-and-control, execution-minded, output-driven management. Here are the days of working with speed and agility, with empathy, vulnerability, and the empowerment of people. Here, too, are the days of less hierarchy while still maintaining some hierarchy; accountability, but with new metrics; and leadership that rallies people, both for their own benefit and that of the world.”


We must become disruption-proof.

Disruption-Proof organizations are RAD: Resilient, Aware and Dynamic. They operate based on 5 Elements:

Empathy – understand customers and employees deeply

Exploration – admit to what’s not known and search for answers

Evidence – leverage data and insights to cut through biases

Equilibrium – balance execution and exploration work

Ethics – act legally and maintain core values and in work