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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Aug 24, 2023

John Shegerian creates profitable impact companies that make the world a better place. A serial entrepreneur responsible for co-founding Homeboy Industries,, Engage, and many other impactful organizations – Shegerian currently serves as co-founder of ERI, the largest cybersecurity-focused hardware destruction and electronic waste recycling company in the United States.
He's passionate about protecting the planet and has lectured globally about responsible e-waste recycling and the circular economy.
Goldman Sachs recently named Shegerian one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs” at its annual Builders + Innovators Summit.
Suggested Questions:
1--You have had a successful career thus far as a social entrepreneur. From Homeboy Industries to to the largest recycler of e-waste in the country, ERI. What has that road been like and what drove you to travel it?
2-How did you decide to focus your innovation and passion for protecting the planet on recycling electronic waste, specifically?
3-How has the e-waste landscape altered and changed over the last three years during the pandemic?
4- Is e-waste still the fastest growing waste stream on the planet?
5- How much of a positive impact can companies make today by responsibly recycling their e-waste? Is there an energy savings factor?
6 -- How serious an issue is hardware hacking of discarded electronics?
7. What is the "circular economy"? When it comes to electronic waste, is the circular economy something that is truly attainable?
8. What can people and businesses do to proactively and responsibly recycle their electronics AND protect data at the end of a device’s life?
9 – Tell us about your book, “The Insecurity of Everything” – what is it about?
10 -- Tell us where you see the electronic recycling industry going in the next 5-10 years