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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Feb 28, 2023

The wildest journey with world explorer Chaz Powell 

After exploring and hiking the globe for the last two decades. Chaz now lives his life as an Explorer, Expedition Leader, Survival Guide, and Ranger. His project ‘The Wildest Journey’ is all about his journeys by foot along Africa's wildest rivers, with an aim to raise awareness for wildlife conservation and anti-poaching. In 2016/17 Chaz spent 137 days walking over 3000km from source to sea along the Zambezi River, and in 2019 spent 47 days walking 1120km from source to sea along the Gambia river and in the same year leading a small team of 800km over 29 days from east to west across Madagascar whilst walking source to sea along the country's longest river, The Mangoky.