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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Oct 31, 2022

How to write a best selling book with best selling author Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is an American author, blogger, and speaker. He is the founder of Tribe Writers, an online community for writers. 

Oct 28, 2022

How to climb the tallest mountains in the world and create your own lane in life with world-leading climber Tim Emmett


Tim Emmett, is a British-born adventure climber and author, who practices to a high level in a diverse range of climbing disciplines, being ice-climbing, rock climbing, deep-water soloing, and alpine...

Oct 26, 2022

How to live a life filled with happiness and adventure with author and world-leading adventurer Danny Bent

Danny Bent was voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK, and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London. He is an award-winning author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder, and celebrated...

Oct 24, 2022

How to become a world adventurer with award-winning author, filmmaker, journalist, climber & photographer Ryan Pyle

Born in Toronto, Canada, Ryan Pyle spent his early years close to home. After obtaining a degree in International Politics from the University of Toronto in 2001, Ryan realized a lifelong dream and...

Oct 21, 2022

How Amanda Lynn Mayhew became the world's top female outdoor celebrity

Amanda Lynn Mayhew is not like most people. Her energy seems to know no bounds. Between her company Just Hunt, TV show, running the Women’s Hunting Association, being the official ambassador and host of the Great Outdoors Stage for the...