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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Dec 21, 2022

Breaking the world record, traveling across the world by land and sea only with Thor Pedersen

WINNER of the Biggest Traveller of the Year Award 2022 by Nomad Mania! As an explorer and modern-day adventurer, Thor is already the first in history to visit 200 countries in an unbroken journey completely without flying, aiming to become the first to reach them all by land and sea only. He ventures the world full-time and has not been home to Denmark since 2013. Thor enlightens his audience as a social media influencer, travel blogger, and Red Cross Ambassador.
Thor was born in Denmark but grew up in North America before returning to Denmark years later. By the end of 2009 he became an independent businessman and after years of working internationally as a logistics professional he embarked on a multi-year journey to make history and set several records by visiting every country without flying.