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Long Shot Leaders with Michael Stein

Jan 27, 2023

How to become a stand-up comedian, and tour the world, no matter what your profession is with Rabbi Bob Alper

There’s a reason why Sirius/XM satellite radio plays Rabbi Bob Alper’s comedy bits many times daily, often sandwiched between Bob Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld: Bob’s background - he served congregations for fourteen years and holds a doctorate from Princeton Theological Seminary - prepared him well for a thirty-year comedy career with delicious material presented in a way that’s intelligent, hilarious, and 100% clean.
The New York Times put it succinctly: Bob “…had the audience convulsing.”
From Hollywood's IMPROV to The Montreal Comedy Festival to Toronto’s Muslimfest (really), Bob’s unique brand of humor has a universal appeal. Bob is particularly proud of The Laugh in Peace Tour, over 200 shows with his Muslim and Christian stand-up pals, frequently on college campuses with interreligious co-sponsorship. Visit Bob at